A Helping Tutor is a free, individual virtual tutoring service offered by A Helping Elbow that serves students grades 1-5. Our purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming community for all students who need it, whether that be low-income, ESL, undocumented, special educational needs or disabilities students, during this stressful time. Our goal is to be as accessible and resourceful as possible.

Tutoring sessions are conducted through Zoom. After the student and tutor pairs are created, students will schedule a weekly session with their tutor, in which the tutor will send them a reoccuring Zoom link for them to join.

Students should hear back immediately within a week after a deadline. They will receive an email that they have been accepted into the program and a fellow-up email notifying them of their tutor's contacts. The tutor should contact you within the upcoming days. If you have no heard back from us within 2 weeks, please contact us at: ahelpingelbowtutoring@gmail.com. If you have not heard back from your respective tutor, please contact us at: ahelpingelbowtutoring@gmail.com or message us on Wechat.

Currently, we are accepting students from the Greater Boston area. We do prioritize students from our partner school, Josiah Quincy Elementary School, since we can better support their student's journey given our relationship, experience, and knowledge of their environment and curriculum.

They can sign up for as many sessions as possible, however, it does not gurantee that your child will be paired for tutor. Those who are not selected for a session will be placed on the waiting list for the current session and priority list for the next session.

Your child would be placed onto the waiting list for the current session you signed up for, and onto the priority list for the next session. If you do not want to be placed onto the waiting or priority list, you have an option to opt out of it on the registration form.

Please notify us about cancelation ASAP by emailing ahelpingelbowtutoring@gmail.com. Your respective tutor will then be able to help another student on the waiting list!

Student safety is our top priority. By our tutoring contract, sessions cannot be recorded and tutors cannot share inappropriate content with the student. A mandatory tutor orientation is also provided to discuss training and guidelines. If at any point that you believe a tutor has violated our policy, contact us and the tutor will be immediately removed from the program.