Our Services

Our Mission Statement

Here at A Helping Tutor, we aim to give enrichment, support, and an inclusive community to low-income, immigrant, or ESL families through tutoring. Our services are open to grades 1-5, and it's 100% free.

Academic Tutoring

Based on registration responses, a tutor and student will be matched based on language and educational needs. From there, the tutor will arrange a schedule with the student and their parents for their tutoring sessions. Tutors will reach out to students and parents with a personal Zoom link Over an hour-long session, the student and tutor will learn the material from math, English language arts, English as a second language, or test preparation. The tutor's teaching resources will ensure that the student stays engaged with the lesson.

Community Building

Every month, we host community-building events for our tutors and students. Students have the option of choosing one of two calls. One call will host a movie night, where we will vote on as a group, and the other will host a game night.